System scaffolds - decks in plastic and aluminium


Scaffolding decks in plastic has a lot of advantages compared to the traditional wooden boards:

- Easier to store – on a car or in stock

- Improved safety, fire proof

- Less wear and tear – easier to carry

- Possibility of replacing the end parts

- The boards weigh only 9,4kg. 10,9kg 11,4 kg- depending on the size.

- Long lasting, 18 - 20 years

- Cost effective (low price and increased durability)
- New, simple locking system eliminates use of string

- The weight remains constant during the life time.
- Lower transport costs. Requires less space, lower weight.


The boards require less space and are easy to store. There are 64 boards on a pallet.



Aluminium decks:

Sertified class 6.
We deliver both 0,5m and 0,6m.




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